Disable Laptop LCD Completely on boot

      I use my laptop connected to a 55″ television, and linux always recognized the LCD screen that i don’t use. This was always great except for the fact that it causes a few issues.

Recognizing the LCD screen Cons:

Dealing with the LCD being set as primary
When going to console Ctrl+Alt F1 the console only displays on the LCD’s resolution
The simple fact that it bugged me

Pro’s to disabling LCD:

All of the video auto settings set to the proper resolution of 1080
Console is also the proper resolution
The unused screen is no where listed in linux, as if it does not exist

To disable the LCD screen and let everything automatically work with your external monitor is actually very easy.

EDIT /etc/default/grub

#sudo nano /etc/default/grub

Edit the line


and add video=LVDS-1:d to the end of whatever you have listed

GRUB_CMDLINE_LINUX_DEFAULT=”quiet splash video=LVDS-1:d”

Then save and run


and reboot

The boot loader will show up on its usual screen, then all you have to do is continue and from that point forward your laptop will act as though the LCD screen does not exist and will continue to work as though your external monitor is the only connected display.

Side note: Disabling the LCD does not disable the laptop lid switch, so you will still need to change the lid closed option to do nothing if you plan on keeping the lid closed as you work with it.

(I keep the lid closed and use an external mouse and keyboard connected to my television)

(Below is Display properties after editing grub and disabling LCD)
(As you can see lcd is not listed at all as if it does not exist)