Run fsck on boot

Have you ever ran into the issue of rebooting a remote system just to find you cannot log in remotely again because the system decides to require a manual fsck on a partition?
I know how irritating it can become as i have a system that runs into this upon boot any time i reboot it (It acquires and removes about a hundred gigs a day).
So just incase you run into the same issue as well, the way to fix this issue is to edit
and change the line #FSCKFIX=no to #FSCKFIX=yes
of course this will need to be done as root (In general would need to be completes as root unless you have altered the directory or file permissions)

By changing #FSCKFIX=no to #FSCKFIX=yes you will be running auto repair on boot, the same thing as pressing y through the interactive version that usually comes up.